Friday, 5 May 2017

Quilled Gerberas !!

Hi guys,

       How are you coping up with this scorching summer!! Pretty bad summer..Isn't it?

       Today I am going to bring my quilled Gerberas to all of you! All of us would have seen these flowers at least once in any wedding decorations but not sure of its name( Okay..Some of us dint know;-)). Here they are. Gerberas, Quilled version of those beauties!!

Beauty in Red!!

       In my journey of quilling, I have come across many artists (In this wide space of internet) who craft wonderful creations using Quilling. One such lady is Manuela. She is known for her life like creations of almost any flower the nature could come up with!! I first saw her Quilled Gerbera and was awestruck! Check out her blog!! For sure you will become a great fan of Quilling :-) :-) Her works are inspiration to some of my creations!!

Have a happy weekend!!


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