Thursday, 13 April 2017

Quilled Toucan!!

Hi all,

         Today's post, it is Quilled Toucan! There is a story behind this. I came across this beautiful birdie with most colorful big beak for the first time when I watched Rio movie(now u remember it from the movie right :-)) and fell in love. Dint know it's name then. After couple of years when I wanted to make a Quilled bird, couldn't think of anything else!! Then comes the search for the bird name referring Rio movie and there it is.. Beautiful Toucan!! 

         I recently got a chance to watch these beauties in person and they are feast to eyes !! Here it is. My Quilled version of the "Toucan".

Completed and framed!!
               Before starting with the project, big concern was with claws and how to achieve the effect of them holding to the branch!! In the end they turned out fine!! Liked the way everything came into life and I feel I did justice to the beauty with this work. What do you think!

A better angle to see the details!

Original and its Quilled twin ;) 
Have a happy weekend!!



  1. Colourfull.. Do not let her to fly. Its too hot outside. 😉

    1. Thanks ...Yeah no worries.. it's framed already.. Can't escape😉

  2. This is awesome should put these on sale in ebay.On a side note, your style of writing is impressive.Expect more posts from you quite often.

    1. Thanks Kiran. Yeah.that would be the next step..Will see how things work out! Glad you liked my writing skills. Thanks again!!