Thursday, 16 March 2017

Quilled Car hangings!!

Hello all,

         Its time for some of the car hangings I made! One of my early quilled creations was a car hanging. That was made for parents' new car. It was a butterfly!

         When I see it now, I think to myself...Please hide it some where. There was no technique. nothing. Only excitement to create some thing with colored strips(Hand cut from colored sheets. Now I buy quilled strips!)

         With time, I definitely got some experience! When got the opportunity, gave it a second shot. This time it is fringed flowers!! Had to cut too many blue strips to make these tiny fringed flowers!! Here it is...Blue heart with fringed flowers❤❤❤❤

A closer look !!
         Isn't it pretty!! Parents have retired the old butterfly and replaced it with the blue heart now ☺☺☺

         Here is the second hanging. This time it comes in mango shape ☺ For this, I wanted to try Indian mehandi design! Had to cut the card board in desired shape! Two coats of painting for the white background and working with small pieces of paper to achieve the mehandi design!! Thoroughly enjoyed the making. Don't you think it turned out well!!

Mango it is!!

Thats it for now guys.. Have a happy weekend!!