Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Quilled Heart again!

Hello all,

A very happy Valentines day to all of you!!!

           The other day when I was thinking about the topic to write, I could think of only one thing.. Tamilnadu Government crisis! With all the fuss that is going on in media, one thing kept me wondering! Just because you were a  friend to powerful leader once, does that necessarily make you a leader?? By the time I started drafting today, supreme court gave its judgement after a verrrrryyyyyyy long time of more than twenty years! Better late than never I guess!Watching news telecast now, one more thing caught my eye! OPS supporters are celebrating the judgement and distributing sweets!! Is this the celebration time? I mean the judgement just made your late leader a convict of disproportionate assets !! Well. Thats my point of view!

           Coming to my quilled work, its valentines day special. Another quilled heart! In my first heart, leaves were of crepe paper. Here everything is of quilling. All the flowers are made with tight coils and water proofed also. Leaves are all loose coils with different shades of green! For pollen, I have used store bought ready made pollen strands. Struggled a bit while assembling but it's of worth..Loved the way it turned out. Every thing falls in right place.

I like the shadow effect very much!!

All set for the next step!!

Between first and second heart, first one is my favorite. What's yours?
Thats it for now. Have a great week!!


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