Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Quilled earrings!!

Hello all,

        Starting from December till January, it's all festivities, holidays, new year celebrations and then comes big festival Sankranthi. Love this season especially Sankranthi...Have fond memories of childhood with all our cousins meet at grand parent's place. On Bhogi early mornings we used to run to the bhogi manta(bonfire) at the end of the street...On Sankranthi pooja, new dresses and so many sweets.Yummm...Love those days...  All family gatherings, friends, holidays. Too many varieties of food  and for food lovers like me, It's heaven.. Ahhh almost forgot...Shopppppping. Too many offers to choose from. People who are crazy for shopping go nuts this time of the year(no, I am not at all a shopping freak). Holidays for kids' schools,vacation time :-) On the whole, two months jam packed with fun.

         And for quilling, today I am going to show you some of the ear rings I have made with quilling paper. I love paper jhumkas very much. The finishing we can achieve with paper jhumkas is unbelievable and don't worry, they are water resistant too. Now all my favorite dresses have a perfect matching jhumkas.. Happy me :-)

Here they go. I absolutely love them<3 what about you! Curious to know!

Black and gold! My best till date <3

Love the colors on the peacock!!

Black and white...All time favorite combo!!

These were the first quilled jhumkas I have made! Lot of improvement right!!

My first trail with Jhumkas!!
See you next time guys!!



  1. i love them. Superb creativity. Do you have an online store to sell them :). i can share the link if you have online store.

    1. Thanks Hema...I haven't started selling yet...Will let you know in future. Thanks Again :)