Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Quilled Tiger and Cub!!

Hello all,

       First of all A very happy new year 2017 :) Though bit late with the wishes, it's never too late :)  This is time of the year every one  have a list of things with priorities ordered!Yeah.. talking about Resolutions!! I am sure most of you would have finalized your list for this year 2017...That's a good step...but people like me, that's the only step we take ;-) and the next time we think about resolution is, the next new year;-)I know I am not alone here.At least some of you are having a smile relating this to yourselves :-) This year I decided to enroll myself for a painting class...fingers crossed and determined to take more steps this time !!

       Being the first post of this year, here comes the biggest of my quilled works till date...After my successful attempt of the National Bird, decided to give tribute to the national Animal..I was bit skeptical on how to proceed with the tiger's face..So started with body first and left the faces till last!! I wanted to capture the facial expressions and very satisfied with the way they turned out.. It took almost 15 days time (was working on and off ) and lots n lots of quilling strips to fold and roll..Worth the effort and loved it <3

That's all for now.. Let me know how you like it and see you all next time guys!!


  1. Hi Vineetha Garu, Great Job...Firstly Wishing You A Fab New Year....Sorry Was Late In Checking Your Blog...Great Stuff....Blogging was one of my to do task for last year...Somehow never tookoff ��....Looking At Your Blog Can Say/Request, Apart From Quilling Please Do Start Blogging On Topics (Random / General)...I'll B One Of The First One's 2 Leave A Comment Or Start A Healthy Discussion...Give It A Thought....Sandeep (Anil's Friend)

    1. Hey Sandeep, Thanks for the encouragement. Sure. I will try to make some posts on general topics as well!