Friday, 18 November 2016

Quilled Heart!!

Hello all..

       Last few days, media has a jackpot with big stories. Yeah. You know them. Most awaited elections in the world and the second one is completely unexpected and now most unwanted(mostly by politicians from opposition parties) DEMONETISATION. The US presidential elections results were really surprising! But more surprising is Mr. Modi's decision to cancel big notes! Indian media is going crazy over this news talking about the negatives it is causing to the common man! It is definitely causing issues to common man but all of us are ready to face them for a better future. Aren't we? In my opinion, we humans are against any change even if it brings some good to us because we love to live in our own cocoons of comfort zones and even a slight change will cause mayhem. Lets stop magnifying the problems we are facing and will face for some more days and think about the big picture!!

Coming to the quilled work for today.. I just poured out my heart for quilling this :-) Started with making the flowers. It took couple of trails to get the three dimensional look. For the leaves I have used the crepe paper and thin wires. Here comes the hard part to get the heart shape from the regular G wire which is lying at home and then wrapping it with crepe paper for the blue heart <3  We are almost there..It's time to assemble everything in place. Loved it <3<3 Instead of framing it, I am just hanging it on the wall...

Some of the in progress pictures this time :-)

Thats it for now guys..Off I go cousin's wedding..Pretty excited:-) :-) Have a great weekend!!