Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Miniature world!!!

Hello all,

        Hope you all had a great Diwali. This year I was planning to celebrate the festival of lights in its true spirit i.e. no sound and air pollution!! Wanted to light only diyas and candles but not crackers.. With  DIY spirit high this year, I hand painted any glass jar at my dispense and converted them to candle jars. Was so excited to light them all. I will share those jars in a separate post( yes.. u have to wait)!!! In the last minute plans, we went to friend's place for a get-together and there was no limit for sweets, food delicacies, FUN and of course CRACKERS...Though reluctant for some time, I was in the front to empty most of the crackers..shame on me :-(
        I have noticed one of the neighbors during our fun time... instead of firing crackers and contributing to the pollution, they were planting saplings in the evening. Not only they are following pollution free festival, they were contributing to the society by spreading greenery...great way of celebrations. A reminder for the rest of us!!!

        Coming to the quilled creations, today we are going to see some miniatures I have made as fridge magnets!! This cute teddy was an inspiration from one of the blogs I follow. This was a favorite of many. Have made it couple of times.

Isn't he cute <3
        Look at these 3 cuties.. I have two close friends from work who moved to different cities now . When we planned for a reunion with families, made these teddies as a reunion gift. Their kids absolutely loved them :-)

Named them 3 IDIOTS :-)
        Little birdie. Inspiration for this is..Long story short..There was lake before our house and a regular visitor to this lake was a kingfisher..When I was asking Mr.husband for an inspiration, he suggested the bird and there it the bird is a permanent occupant of our fridge and he shares it with some more miniatures(On their way to the blog soon):-)

This is it for now..have a great week...Give it a thought about your approach for next Diwali...I made my's going to be pollution free..this time words in action.. no changes!!!!