Friday, 26 May 2017

Mighty Monarch Butterfly!!

Hi all,

Today's post, we are going to see quilled version of the mighty Monarch Butterfly! All of us would have definitely seen these colorful beauties once in our lives. Haven't we!!

For my quilled version, I have taken a drawing of the butterfly as reference and the results came out very nice! Why wouldn't it. Classic orange and Black combination makes wonders right!!

All set to fly high  !!
Before framing it, I used to arrange the butterfly in random places like among the flowers in flower vases, stick it to the weight of a wind chime. That was fun as it looked like a real butterfly was visiting home!(Dint have any pictures though).

Framed ..Safe and sound!!
Hope you liked it too!! Feel free post your comments!

Have a happy weekend.



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  2. Good one vinee...liked the wind chime idea..

    1. Yeah sindh...I had a big wind chime.. so this one did fit good... We can make a smaller one for small Chimes..

  3. Color makes your design come alive. Excellent...

  4. Hi vinee.. good to see your superb work.. and your blog too.. dint knw tht u r such a talented one .. keep it up lady ;)