Friday, 29 December 2017

My first quilled portrait!!

Hi all,

      It's already last working day of 2017!! All excited for 2018 right! Well...Wish you all a very happy  and peaceful new year!!

      For today's post, it is going to be the first quilled portrait I made of my close friend's son!! The idea about this started two years ago..definitely not by me..It's she who came up with this idea of making her son's picture with quilling!! I was terrified of the thought because was not sure how to capture the eyes and expressions of human face with quilling!! So conveniently kept the thought aside :-)( Easy job right ;-) )

Happy and smiling kiddo :-)
      One day when had enough courage to give it a try, it all started!! It definitely took more time than any of my other projects till date! Started with eyes first.. Happy that they didn't turn out angry eyes (which is usually the case when I draw ;-) )  and then comes the smiling face ! Had to rework few times to achieve the expression! Very happy with the way whole thing turned out! My friend was very happy with it too .. Happy me :-) :-)

Next to the original picture!!
I should try another portrait in 2018! Let me know what do you think of this work!!

Have a happy weekend and a very happy new year!!



  1. Appreciate all your efforts behind this...we just loved it.the idea was to surprise my son and I never expected perfection in the work.but you hv surprised us all....thanks a ton for your lovely work...

  2. That is bold attempt. Well done you have achieved a likeness that is so difficult with paper

    1. Thanks SuganthišŸ˜ƒ Those words coming from you is a delight!