Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Table centerpiece with quilled flowers!!

Hello all,

It's been ages I have visited this place :-( My bad!

        For today's post, I am going to show you guys how a simple cardboard box turned into a table centerpiece with little bit of DIY and quilling! Inspired from pinterest,  always wanted to make a centerpiece for dining table. Once I found the cardboard box, jumped on to the job at hand. Have glued the jute twine to the cardboard with hot glue gun. It's time to add bit of color. There enters quilling. Made three simple flowers and some leaves. Made an arrangment on one side of the box. Tadaaa.. my centerpiece is ready. Loved the way those flowers sit against the rustic jute backdrop!!

Rustic beauty!!
        My actual plan is to make some yarn balls of different colors( that's another DIY) and arrange them with some serial lights in the box! For now the box is ready and waiting for me to make the yarn balls(Lazy me!!)

        How do you like the idea of converting a boring cardboard box into a decorative piece.  Let me know what you think!!Have a great week !!

With love,

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