Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mom ...An All Rounder

     Just back from mom's place after having great time for couple of weeks... I was thinking on the topic to write about and what's best .. here u go.. my mom.. an all rounder... Those who know her in person will agree with me.she does everything.. she is the best cook.. she is into stitching... designing.... embroidery....crocheting..all DIY stuff.. what not.. everything....she is very artistic and creative.. Until recently, I used to wonder why is her creative gene dint come to me.. now I think it is slowly coming to me... Seeing my mom juggle between all these works and yet have that passion in everything she does...it definitely inspires.... Love her energy <3 <3

     Last year I wanted to quill something to my mom on her birthday..I was considering so many things but finally tried this mighty peacock...I really loved the way it turned out with its beautiful colors..Mom was quite happy to receive this... Now our national bird is sitting proudly in her living room..Once in a while the selfish me thinks to steal it from her ;-).
Here it is...I wanted to share in-progress pictures but I lost them when my laptop crashed.
Almost done!

All set to get framed...

Have a happy week ...


  1. Unique gift to the unique person by unique YOU 👍🏼

  2. Beautifully done Vineetha! Love the vibrant colors.

    1. Thanks Cecelia..I am a great fan of your work and this comment from you made my day :-) :-)

  3. Excellent....Awesome work madam..