Sunday, 4 September 2016

Google...The best...

Few years before, there was a time I was not having much work and bored to death at workplace.. When I told this to one of my friends.. he told me that if he has internet connection and Google with him.. He never gets bored ..I was asking him what would you Google about and he said anything and everything... Those days, my usage of Google was very limited.. To put in a better way.. I haven't mastered the art of googling then:-) Over the years I caught the interest in using Google and now I completely agree with my friend... As they say.. Google uncle has everything with him... You ask him about latest news... technology ...hobby ideas.. arts..crafts....blogs... you name it.....he will give it right away...In present times, with so many people who are very patient to write tutorials and making videos about how to paint, cook, sew.... to inspire us.... We are very lucky.... You can pickup any hobby that interests you. Go ahead and explore...add your creativity to it...and make sure you enjoy the process I do:-)

Coming to quilling, with paper strips people create colorful flowers.. some create flowers which look so real and life like.... Some just go with their creativity to come up with wonderful color combinations in flower making ... Well ... I myself tried making some flowers ( I am yet to explore my creative gene  :-) )... and made a flower arrangement...Then framed it in hand made frame..yeah I made the frame also with cardboard, thermocol sheet .. hand made paper ..and lots of pins.... I like the way it turned out.. hope you also like it :-).

Malaysian Flower(Don't know why they named so...)

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone.